When Townshend International School was founded almost 30 years ago, it was simply four rented rooms in a local primary school. Today, it serves over 140 students from more than 30 countries around the globe, providing an education that integrates academic and spiritual education, and arms students to be agents of positive change in the world.

The Townshend-30 Campaign lays the groundwork for the school's next thirty years, towards a vision of doubling the number of residential students and expanding to reach thousands more students and families through summer social action programming. The first phase of the campaign, the purchase of its custom-built campus, is a critical prerequisite for the school to be able to achieve its vision for the future.

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What's the Challenge?

As it approaches its 30th year of operation, Townshend's vision for its next thirty years includes bringing its innovative spiritually integrated and social action curriculum to many more children around the globe, by expanding residential capacity and increasing summer programming. Its landlord has agreed to discount its purchase price to 50% of its market value to make the purchase affordable.

Why Does Townshend Need to Own the Property?

    The school's vision for bringing its innovative spiritual and social action curriculum to a greater number of students depends on owning the property. It does not make sense for a renter to make capital investments in a property it does not own; loans to finance planned investments cannot be secured unless Townshend owns the property; and additional funding sources such as European Union grants are only available if Townshend owns its campus.

    The school's long term financial sustainability also depends on increasing enrollment, which is currently limited by the capacity of the two existing dormitories. If we do not raise the funds to purchase the property, our expansion vision will proceed more slowly, being limited by the school’s current operating size.

    Finally, the school's landlord and Townshend’s Board agrees that in its next phase of operation, Townshend should be the owner of the campus. The landlord hopes to sell the campus to the school by the summer of 2021.

What's the Solution?

We are raising money to purchase the land and buildings so Townshend can be the master of its own destiny and bring its transformative curriculum to a greater number of students around the globe. We need to raise a total of €4.8Million to purchase the campus, which will lay the groundwork for future investments in additional capacity in Phase Two of the Campaign.

How much have we raised so far?

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How can you help?

We can reach our goal if everyone who has benefitted from a Townshend education or who believes in its vision pledges their support. Your gift will help equip the next generation to be agents of positive change in the world through an academic education shaped by spiritual and moral principles.

  • Single Donation. You can make a single cash donation today through this website. Just click on the button at the end of the page and follow the instructions to make a payment by bank transfer or Paypal. Please make a bank transfer if possible, as Paypal charges a 4% transaction fee for each donation made by credit card.
  • Multi-year pledges. Please consider supporting the Townshend-30 Campaign with a pledge to donate over the next five years, in addition to your cash donation today.
  • A low interest or no interest loan. Please contact us by clicking here if you would be willing to help in this way.
  • Share the Townshend-30 Campaign with your friends and family, especially by sharing, following, liking and commenting on our social media outreach.

How is the Money Going to be Spent?

The funds will be used to purchase the land and buildings which constitute Townshend’s campus. Any funds raised in excess of the Phase I goal will be used for Phase II, which focuses on the expansion of the campus to accommodate additional students. Funds will be held in a special account, and returned to donors if the goal to acquire the property is not met.

Our Alumni - Agents of Social Change

Human Rights - Magdalena Karvayova
graduated from Townshend in 2008. Since then she has worked tirelessly to ensure that the under-served Romani community in the Czech Republic have access to education.

Social Action - Thomas Bodin
completed his studies at Townshend in 2012. He is now the co-founder of a not for profit organization in Colombia. They act to preserve and protect the indigenous culture and communities.

Media - Jordan Raj
was a student at Townshend for 8 years. He went on to study Media and Communications, and now produces socially conscious entertainment and gives talks on the power of humor.

Medicine - Amrita Roy
grew up in India, but after graduating from Townshend she went on to study medicine in Poland. She completed her degree with honors, now allowing her to practice as a clinical tutor and medical doctor.

Our Students - Lives Transformed

Gregory, USA/Bulgaria:
It was a transformative experience - personally, spiritually, and academically. I was truly thriving - I could spread my wings and fly.

Mina, USA/Bulgaria:
My experience at Townshend was one of intellectual awakening. I was able to work together with dedicated and thoughtful teachers to discover my own academic potential.

Pedro, Brazil:
I have been at Townshend for four years and it was the best decision my family and I could have made. The hospitality and embracing community made me feel welcomed and supported.

Divya, Germany:
The unmatched energy of the community, made up of the students, is what has drawn me to return time and time again. The love and support of both friends and teachers motivates me to strive for excellence.

Zimeng (Elizabeth), from China:
I really liked the environment, and the warm and welcoming atmosphere. I like Townshend for its people, the diversity and the positivity people always carry around.

Townshend has been a really incredible experience for me. I am grateful to have such an amazing opportunity for personal growth. The structure of dorm life makes it much easier to keep up with my schoolwork, and at the same time offers a lot of independence, which I love.

Please Make a Donation

Any donation you can make will be gratefully received and will go on to positively affect the lives of our current and future students, and all those who come in contact with them. It will help us, as an institution, bring our brand of an academically and spiritually integrated education to an ever growing number of students. With your help, they will bring positive social change, and messages of unity and service, to a world that needs it now more than ever.


Please contact us by clicking here if you have any questions about the Townshend-30 Campaign.

Click here to download the Townshend-30 Campaign prospectus.

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